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2-17 December: A new exhibition about the history of the parishes of St Thomas’s and St Ebbe’s in Oxford at the City of Oxford College, Oxpens, Oxford. St Thomas’s was home to Oxford’s breweries, to its boating and barge communities, and to those who built the railways. Neighbouring St Ebbe’s was the site of Oxford’s gasworks and its cattle market, and had more pubs per square yard than any other part of the city. Despite post-war clearances, a surprising number of historic buildings remain to remind us of this rich heritage.

Ongoing (online): Where Smooth Waters Glide is an-line exhibition from the Berkshire Record Office (BRO) celebrating the 250th anniversary of the Thames Navigation Commission’s first meeting on 9 May 1771. The commission (later the Thames Conservancy) managed the River Thames from its source to its tidal reach at Teddington. It built the locks, weirs and towpaths and was responsible for preventing flooding, for draining adjacent land for agricultural or residential use, and for prosecuting people who polluted the water. Staff at BRO have recently completed a project to catalogue the records of the Thames Conservancy. View the exhibition here.

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